Fantasy Games

Fantasy is a genre explored by many video games as games can become projections of almost anything one can imagine. Fantasy games often contain many mythological elements from different cultures and the following games are just some of many that successfully create fantasy worlds with these mythologies.

Big Games

Dark Souls

One well known fantasy title is Dark Souls. Originally released back in 2011 as a spiritual successor to Demon Souls, Dark Souls is a third person RPG that explores a bleak dying kingdom of gods heavily inspired by many elements of Greak and Japanese mythology. Since then, two sequels have been made and the original title remastered for more accessibility to the current generation of gaming Tech.

God of War

If mythology was a game, it would be God of War. God of war is a third person action adventure game set in the relm of Greek mythology, and now more recently, norse mythology. The first God of war game was released in March 2005 for the playstation two, starting the journey of the fallen Spartan Kratos in this world of Gods and Myths.

The Witcher III

The witcher series of games is based on a series of books by the Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski hence it being deeply rooted in Slavic mythology. This series has the player take on the life of Geralt in a monster hunting medieval RPG world. The first game released in 2007 and concluded with Witcher 3 in 2015.